Welcome gardeners!

Each year the Society organises :

  • Summer and Autumn Horticultural Shows
  • Six evening and afternoon talks presented by guest speakers
  • Various social events, plant sales, and garden visits

For more information about what the society offers its members, please read Becoming a member.

Summer Bulletin

After yet another mild winter and spring, with no rain to speak of since February, Hatch End is now threatened with a shortage of water later this summer and possible hosepipe bans. The early flowers such as snowdrops, hellebores, narcissi and a lot of the spring blossoms have all come and gone. At the time of writing in late April we are continuing with sunny but quite cool weather. Although it seems strange to say it we are really due some wet weather to soak the soil. If this does not come soon our plants will suffer and will be encouraged to flower too early for our Summer Show. Let’s hope this does not occur and the plants can revert to their normal flowering season.

Read the 2017 Summer Bulletin

AGM 2017 – AGENDA – Thursday 2nd March at 7.45pm

The AGM will be held on Thursday 2nd March starting at 7.45pm in the Free Church Hall, Rowlands Avenue. The Agenda is as follows :-
1. Minutes of AGM of March 2016
2. Matters arising
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Election of Chairman
6. Election of Officers and Committee
7. Any Other Business
After the AGM our speaker will be Chris Chadwell giving a talk entitled ‘Lilies, Llamas and Leeches – plant hunting in Nepal’.
Please support the Society and enjoy a thoroughly interesting evening. Entry £2 for members and £3 for non-members, including tea/coffee and biscuits.

Spring Bulletin

January 2017 has now come and gone. We are already into February which is technically the end of Winter so all gardeners must give serious thought to the coming horticultural year, planning, seed sowing, planting, soil preparation and a host of other very important issues facing us all each year. January was a cold month with early snow showers followed by a week of glorious sun but very cold and frosty. Freezing fog then set in for 3-4 days before deceptively cold but overcast and dry weather closed the month. Snowdrops and the early blossoms are already well underway and we can now look forward to the main Spring flowers in the next month or so.

Read the 2017 Spring Bulletin in full.


Winter Bulletin

Just like 2014 and 2015 this year started with one of our mildest winters with very little snow and hardly any frost, resulting in the gardening season getting off to a very early start. However a windy Spring was followed by a slow starting Summer with warmth not arriving until July. This welcome heat lasted through August and terminated in mid September with record high temperatures and a torrential electric storm just two days before the Autumn Show. The mild Autumn was brought to a sudden halt with a hard frost on 7/8 November when most tender plants were cut down in their prime. These vagaries of the weather are not unusual and our members have shown in the past that they are very able to cope with most difficult horticultural conditions, they just get on with it despite the problems thrown at them.

The social events of the year included; a guided tour of Reveley Lodge house and garden in Bushey in May, a very successful Coffee Morning at Monica Gerhold’s garden in June and visits to RHS Hyde Hall in July and Great Comp Garden in September, as well as our usual Shows in June and September and the Quiz Night in October.

Read the 2016 Winter Bulletin in full

Report of the Autumn Show in 2016

The Society held its Autumn Show on Saturday 17th September 2016 in the Scout Headquarters and it proved to be a very popular event. The sole use of the Scout HQ continues to be a great success with the hall full of people throughout most of the afternoon. It, once again, had a real lively ‘village’ atmosphere all afternoon.

The weather leading up to the show provided some very unusual and extreme conditions, with exhibitors having to deal with some of the hottest September days ever just days before the event. The temperatures on the previous Tuesday reached a staggering 32oC, allegedly the hottest September day ever in London and the hottest day of the year in 2016. These temperatures slowly eased and culminated with a spectacular electrical storm on Thursday night and rain throughout Friday. This all seemed very reminiscent of the days leading up to the Summer Show earlier this year.

As in the past our members rose to the occasion and we had a very good entry number. Despite the mixed weather the show was colourful and interesting and a credit to the society. It was, once again, nice to see several of the newer exhibitors able to celebrate with success and prizes, as well as the much needed support from our long term regulars. The judges were again very complimentary saying that we had been able to put on a good show with exhibits of a high quality.

There were particularly good exhibits in dahlias, chrysanthemums, other flowers, fruit, vegetables, photographic, novice’s, children’s and domestic classes. As with the Summer Show our main concern was the very low entry numbers in the Floral Art classes, this is an issue which we must address in the very near future.

The prizes were very kindly presented by Mrs Mansi, who gave a very full account of the history of her and her late husband’s flower shop at Pinner Green.

Our thanks go the judges Mr Spires, Mrs White, Mrs Spires and Mr Buckman for their efficiency, friendliness and their comments on the good quality of the exhibits – that is a high compliment to the Society. Thanks also go to all those who helped run events, stalls and activities throughout show day.

Finally, as Show Secretary, I would like to express my own thanks to all those willing helpers who gave support, advice and assistance during the planning, setting up, running and taking down of the show and thereby ensuring its success.

Banksian MedalA. Graham
Blue Ribbon for Best Exhibit in ShowA. Graham
Society's Silver Challenge Cup (Garden Flowers)K. Barnard
Dr Hunter Challenge Cup (Garden Flowers)K. Barnard
Sonal Pankhania Trophy (Roses)K. Barnard
Joe Charnley Trophy (Dahlias)J. Harding
National Dahlia Society's Bronze MedalJ. Harding
National Dahlia Society's Certificate of MeritJ. Harding
Norman Stark Challenge Cup (Chrysanthemums)K. Barnard
National Chrysanthemum Society's Bronze MedalA. Graham
National Chrysanthemum Society's Certificate of MeritK. Barnard
H. Thomson Trophy (Pot Plants)N. Chamcheon
Book (Floral Art - Novices)Not awarded
Leslie P Curtis Challenge Bowl (Floral Art)Not awarded
Hinton Challenge Trophy (Floral Art)Not awarded
Batchelor Cup (Floral Art)Not awarded
Hatch End Fruit TrophyJ. Barton
Jacquier Challenge Cup (Fruit)A. Graham
Society's Fruit Challenge CupA. Graham
Small Bilington Cup (Children)Not awarded
Medium Billington Cup Children)Imogen Stalley
Large Billington Cup (Children)Not awarded
£5 Special Prize (Children)Imogen Stalley
Teaspoon (Children's Cookery)Imogen Stalley
Teaspoon (Children's Cookery)Megan Pollard
Cartwright Challenge Cup (Vegetables)B. Morgan
Frank Harrod Cup (Tomatoes)A. Graham
National Vegetable Society Bronze MedalBarbara Prentice
Starters Bell (Novices)Barbara Prentice
Society's Certificate (Novices)N. Chamcheon
Try Again Trophy (Novices)Not awarded
Round Robin (Domestic)J. Morgan
Society's Cookery CupM. Leach
Elizabeth Lee Salver (Photography)A. Graham

HEHS Summer Show: The Film

As part of Harrow Film Makers Annual Newsreel of Events around Harrow they visited and filmed at the Summer Show.

It’s a wonderful piece that shows all the hard work that all our members put into the show, and some of the spectacular exhibits we put on.

Special thanks to Judy Long for putting it all together. If you’re interested in seeing some of the other great work they do, please visit their website.

Enter the Autumn Show

Our Autumn Show will be held on 17th September in the Scout Headquarters (not the Guides HQ) as follows :-

  • Staging of exhibits (8.30am – 11.30am)
  • Judging (11.30am – 1.30pm)
  • Open to Public (2.00pm – 4.30pm)
  • Prize Giving (4.30pm)

Download the 2016 Yearbook and our Autumn Show 2016 Entry Form for everything you need to enter.

Do ensure that you check your entry class numbers before completing your entry form.

Remember that classes 17, 35, 58 and 59 allow members to enter ‘any number of entries’. Please ensure that you state on your entry forms how many entries you require for each class, if more than one, to ensure that the correct number of entry cards are available for you when staging. Any queries regarding entries can be made to the Show Secretary, Alan Graham, Tel 020 8428 2430.

Entry Forms, cut out from Yearbook with scissors, should be submitted to the Entries Secretary, Alan Wilson at 8 Feldon Close, together with all trophies and cups, duly polished, by 3pm on the Thursday prior to the Show. Telephoned or e-mailed entries are also accepted. See the schedule for contact details. Late entries may also be accepted where possible. Please do not leave any trophies or cups etc on the porch.

Remember also to put an ‘R’ on the front face of all entry cards if you wish to retain your exhibits to avoid them being placed in the auction after the show.

SCHEDULE Please remember to read the Show Schedule carefully to ensure mistakes do not bring unnecessary disappointment at the Show.

HALL PREPARATION Able-bodied help is very much appreciated to set up the show on Friday evening from 9.15pm to 10.30pm & on Saturday after the Show to help clear away and leave the hall as we found it.

RAFFLE Your donation of prizes is critical to the success of this event, so please help if possible.

AUCTION There will be an auction of plants etc after the show.

TEAS We hope the usual supply of members’ delicious cakes, biscuits and scones will be maintained to ensure this popular social event continues to be a success.

PLANT STALL Surplus plants are always welcome. Do come along and see if we have that plant you have always wanted. A wide selection should be available.